In our repair center-lab, experienced technicians undertake the maintenance, upgrading, programming and repair of your machines, fixed or portable with comprehensive support on all operating systems for Servers, PSOs and mobile devices (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android). Our many years of experience in combination with the specialized equipment of our laboratories, allow us repairs at the level of microelectronics on boards, with a huge degree of success.

The services we offer include the receipt and delivery of the machines to and from your place, with a guarantee for their safe and timely transportation, which is carried out with our company’s own transport vehicles and upon our mutual agreement on the exact day and time of delivery.

In detail the services we provide are as follows:

Server Composition and Programming, (Active Directory – Domain Controllers , Web-hosting, File-servers, backup servers, SQL Servers, DVR Recording Servers, VPN-RAS, Remote Services Server, Floating Licensing Servers, etc.)

Operating System Facilities

Software Installations
(individually or in a centrally managed server environment)

Install and set up security software
(individually or in a centrally managed server environment)

Computer Programming Maintenance
(Cleaning registries, program settings & corroded installations)

Composition on-demand fixed PS (for professional use or gaming)

Add and Upgrade Hardware

Installation of peripheral devices & drivers

Encrypt disks/storage units/files

Programmatic data recovery / Backup

Secure Disk Configurations – Secure Erase on all file systems
(NTFS, APFS, exFAT, FAT32, Linux Ext3/4, etc.)

Repairs of electronic plates
(Component Soldering, BIOS replacement, GPU Reballing, etc.)

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