As a company we provide the possibility of composing/manufacturing personal or corporate computers, as well as upgrading and maintaining your existing machines. In companies we undertake, through annual support contracts, the constant supervision, maintenance, cleaning and repair of all your electronic equipment.

If you are interested in composing a new computer, one of our specialized technician will help you in the correct selection and supply of the necessary components to meet your needs. We offer the possibility of sending a technician to your place, for troubleshooting, receiving-delivery of your equipment for repair and installing terminals & peripheral systems. In corporate customers and after prior consultation with you, we also give the possibility of conducting training seminars to your staff.

Programming & support for Windows/Linux Server:
(File / Back up / Auditing /RDS Server, AD-UC / DHCP / DNS / VPN-RAS Controller)

Cable management / Structured wiring:
(additions/changes to routes, termination of new benefits, replacement of problematic benefits/cables)

Natural cleaning equipment:
(dust removal, change of thermoconducting paste, fan maintenance)

Monitor, maintain, replace storage devices, back up:
(technical testing of hard disks, replacement of problem disks, routine backup)

Control, maintenance, monitoring, wireless Access Points setup.

Manage a work area, add new stations, clear retired stations, manage users
(Domain management, User and Client Computer Integration)

Anonymization, Encryption/decryption of data, implementation of security policy in accordance with GDPR

Installation, antivirus program management & firewall.

Possibility of support within 4 hours in case of emergency 24 hours a day.

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